The day the world stood still, heralding the beginning of a new era of terror, fear and smothering security I was watching Bob Monkhouse’s Wipeout while my mother was in the kitchen, not through choice I might add, but that is by the by. Without warning, literally, Bob’s twitterings were replaced with wobbly footage of a tower ablaze and some choice language coming from what I later realised was one of the TV helicopter crews on the scene, maybe unaware they could be heard. As it was early afternoon I assumed I’d just accidentally sat on the VHS remote and turned a film on. The  I realised even the best film technology could have looked this real and then a newsflash banner appeared and a stunned presenter made good with trying to explain what was going on. To be honest the pictures said it all and were so shocking my mind drowned the speaking out with concerned silence. Then within what seemed like no time at all another plane hurtled into the other tower. I was so engrossed it took a while to shout my mother in from the kitchen when I did she was already watching with me. We were both stunned.

Back then I was an instructor in the Air Training Corps, a military cadet organisation set up to recruit for the RAF. I’d been in the organisation as a cadet and had 10 years experience. I was aware of our practice in the event of hijacked aircraft scenario and as a result of the build up of information through the media became more and more disillusioned as to how this and the subsequent other crashes could have occurred. Put simply for the safety of the majority those aircraft should have been knocked out of the sky. This is not easy for some to comprehend but the destruction of an aircraft full of around a hundred people is ultimately seen to be far less critical than that aircraft flying into a built up area possibly killing thousands, which although difficult to deal with possesses a great deal of logic.

I headed out to gather my thoughts and put on Talk Radio where Tommy Boyd did a sterling job of concentrating on the humanity of the situation and not the why’s and wherefore’s of the usual blame games which surface in times of disaster. It was quite simply some of the most inspirational and moving broadcasts ever.

My understanding, however accurate, of US foreign policy lead to believe this tragic episode may actually be a turning point for the good. I was utterly convinced that George W Bush would make a point of not following in his evil daddy’s footsteps and would instead think to himself, “Shit! We’re gonna have to change the way we do things now folks!” This was because I thought there would be a queue going round the block full of people who had been messed around once too often by being used, promised the world (or at least a shot at being part of it!), then dumped. How wrong I was. His speech at ground zero, sent a shudder down my spine when it could have easily raised the hair on the back of my neck and put a lump in my throat.

2 futile wars, thousands of deaths, un-accountable conspiracy theories and a new president later I find myself scratching my head some more.

Dubbya has written a book, in which he confesses that after the twin towers were hit he gave the order for any other hijacked aircraft to be shot down. This is only going to fuel conspiracists and tweak the nipples of 9/11 Truthers, so he’s only got himself to blame for this one. This is because one of the main theories at the time and ever since was that Flight 93, the one he says now was utterly convinced had been shot out of the sky, was shot out of the sky. This is one of the theories I’ve always believed as on the day there were reports of debris falling around the crash sight and explosions in the sky before the bulk of the airframe hit the ground. Also not one photo of the main crash sight resembles anything like the last resting place of a mid-sized airliner falling at terminal velocity. The field would have been cluttered and would have looked as if… well… a plane had hit it. My head is being scratched in this instance because if the right thing to do was shooting the aircraft down, all of them, why hide that fact until now.

As regards the collapse of the towers, I do believe they were controlled collapses. Again it would make sense because of the angles of impact created by the aircraft would have resulted in the buildings collapsing forwards/sideways (like an axed tree) thus resulting the the possibility of an even greater catastrophe. But once again, every time my mind rests on something it’s prodded by something odd. That oddity is Building 7. That thing was barely scratched and was structurally sound enough to have been repaired. But down it went. Fuelling more conspiracy.

The truth is I don’t know what happened. I do know that the whole thing could in the right hands have resulted in an change for better in society, instead it has done the complete opposite, and then some and we now live in a world of confusion where people are increasingly not even bothering to question what goes on for fear of being ran round in circles. This is a very dangerous development.

So, what happens immediately after this Dubbya truth-fest is touted via the (mainly American for once) mass media. For a start, it’s hardly mentioned by the British press; in fact I couldn’t find it on the BBC website at all. The website hailed no less by truth seeking US citizens under Bush as the only true source of information beyond their systematically controlled networks. Then within hours, 2 suspect packages found on cargo aircraft one in Dubai and one at East Midlands Airport. I listened to a national radio station all day and there were constant updates until the all clear was given for air traffic to start again. The reports at the time stated they were harmless. Big sigh. Ahhhh! But no, the next day leaks stating that they may have been harmful and by Monday team Cobra had set up in Whitehall to, from what I can see hype up the atrocitic possibilities of these bombs which have gone from, explosives suspected, to no explosives found, to explosive materials found, to bomb making materials, to actual bombs headed for synagogues on the US mainland, to bombs not intended to be sneaked into the US but to be exploded mid-air. Cue American tits ‘n’ tinsel footage of 2 F-15’s flanking a passenger aircraft from UAE into JFK Airport.

All in the midst of Obama’s decline in popularity and run in to the US Mid-Term elections and in our monstrous cock-up of a governments continuing clamour for any ounce of credibility after selling us down the river.

And all packaged 2 days after Mike Carvick’s (BAR UK) announcement that Britain and all the airlines should review security procedures and stop “kowtowing” to US security demands. Hmmmm.

Fishier than a haddocks jock strap!